Parking Lot Rage

I am walking through a parking lot and a guy drives by really close, I am talking within 12 inches. I go over to the guy after he parks and tell him that he almost hit me and his response was that I shouldn’t be walking in the middle of the parking lot. I was walking on the side (this parking lot is really tight), not that that matters, the guy shouldn’t have driven that close to me or anyone for that matter, its dangerous. I was dumb founded by his response. The guy thought he was in the right in almost hitting me to make what I would assume was his point. All of these thoughts immediately go through my head, should I punch him in the face (that wouldn’t solve anything, but would make me feel better), I ended up walking away from the guy. Should I have called the police, or what should I have done? Has this ever happened to you?

They Finally Broke in

Well on my previous post the burglars tried to come through the back door and didn’t succeed. This time they came through the wall and managed to avoid the alarm system and steal 5 laptops. They knocked out my neighbors windows and came inside their store to get to the adjoining wall of my store. Then they kicked through the wall which has 3 layers of drywall, and when they broke through they had to kick through my display also. I had the alarm company come in and put more sensors in and now the alarm will go off if there is a pin drop on the office. So now I have to replace the back door and repair a whole in the wall and put in some steel in the wall to prevent further attempts. I have gates, alarm systems, bollards out front and out back, steal doors, cameras (we did catch him on camera, although he is wearing a hood ie and we can’t see his face) and they still managed to get in the store.


Office Almost Broken into

My office was almost broken into over the weekend. The burglars rammed the back door with a vehicle of some kind. The door held, but was destroyed in process. The door basically gave it’s life up, but held together. The alarm went off so it didn’t give the thieves enough time to finish the job. I have noticed that most thieves try to break in after midnight and usually early in the morning. In this case they broke in at 4:30 in the morning. The alarm went off which in turn brought out the security firm, and then the police showed up 2.5 hours after that. I understand that the policeman have more important things to do like attend to shootings and domestic violence. The policeman apologized because it took so long which I appreciated. The policeman said that because of the economy and because of the job losses that people are breaking and entering more often. I had an emergency company come out and reinforce the damaged door and board up the outside of the entrance. They charged me $800 for this which I thought was expensive. $216 per hour plus $35 dollar travel fees, plus some steel. They charge double time on Sundays. Now I have to get the door and frame replaced which will probably cost me another $1000. Have you ever had this happen to you?

Here is a pic of the back door:


Sleeping Man Mistaken for Dead Body in River

There was a man in a life jacket in a river who was sleeping. People mistook him for a corpse and called the authorities. All of a sudden who woke up because a firefly landed on his nose. He said it was very comfortable and he was sleeping. At least the story ended well. Not sure I would fall asleep in a river though. Floating over the falls would not have been run at all.

How does the handle on syrup get sticky?

I was at a restaurant the other day and I ordered pancakes. The pancakes arrived and the waitress brought over some syrup with the meal for the pancakes. I picked up the syrup and the handle was all sticky. How does that happen? The syrup comes out of opening on the top. Do customers pour syrup on their hands and then pickup the syrup? Has this ever happened to you? Just something to think about.

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