Daily Remarks

Seagate will not allow a hard drive to be sent back under warranty


Seagate will not allow a hard drive to be sent back under warranty to Seagate because they sold the hard drive to another company that sold it to me.

Here is a quote from Seagate’s warranty checker page:

The product you identified was sold as a system component. Please contact your place of purchase for service. Seagate sells many drives to direct OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. These products are usually configured for the OEMs only, as components for their systems. You must contact your place of purchase for any warranty support on these drives.

What Seagate is doing is making the company that I bought it from deal with the warranty and making me wait longer to get my hard drive back. They want me to send the hard drive to where I purchased it, and that vendor has to send it back to Seagate. I would bet that this policy really cuts back on warranty returns and it also really upsets customers who won’t buy their products again. I went round and round with Seagate on the phone today to no avail. Does this seem stupid to you or is it just me?

Friends daughter colors her hair blue


My friends daughter colored her hair a light blue with the permission of the mother. The girl went to school and talked to the Principal’s office about coloring her hair after the fact. She should have checked before coloring her hair. The school sent the student home because she colored her hair. It is strange that the handbook says that you can’t color your hair at all. So, if you colored your hair from blond to brunette that would be a problem also. I think their book needs to be revised so as to avoid a potential lawsuit.

The girls teacher was okay with the blue hair, but not the administration.

Kids now a days will do all types of things in order to gain attention. Growing up we wore bell-bottomed pants and tie died shirts. Coloring of the hair should be the least of the authorities worries.

Loud Music from other cars


I’m driving down the street when a car pulls up next to me. The guy in the car beside me is playing some kind of techno or rap music that is so loud I doubt he could hear a horn or a firetruck going down the street. I really wasn’t interested in hearing his music although it seems that he wants everyone to hear his music.

Some misconceptions about losing your hearing here:

o Loud sound is not dangerous, as long as you don’t feel any pain in your ears.

Not true: Our threshold for pain is at about 120 – 140 dB SPL but sound begins to damage our hearing when it is above 85 dB SPL (for a 8 hour period).

o Hearing loss after sound exposure is temporary.

Not true: Some of the hearing loss will be permanent. Indication of damage is ringing and noise in the ears (called tinnitus) after sound exposure. This is a clear indication that sound exposure took place. Another indication of that is the difficulty to communicate on the phone and in the noisy restaurant or cafeteria.

Checkout the website here: Digital Recordings

Some information about hearing problems here: WebMD

What do you think? Have you heard this before?

Hazards of parking lots and people backing up


Hazards of parking lots

I was driving through the parking lot this morning to go to breakfast. I was driving through a lane in the parking lot and a Crown Victoria put it in reverse to backup. The guy didn’t even turn around to look to see what is behind him. He just backed up in his giant bumper car. I managed to get around him without incident at the last second. Has this happened to you? What do you think?

Cell Phone advertisement calls


Well I am driving to meet my wife for dinner and the cell phone rings. I think it is my wife so I pull over to the side of the road and unbuckle my seat belt to get to my cell phone. I answer the call and it is an advertisement that my car may out of warranty. I can’t believe that I ended up on some solicitors list on my cell phone. It isn’t bad enough I get bombarded by advertisements every moment of the day. I would think that this would contribute to the hazards of driving, not to mention a complete waste of my time. What do you think?