Daily Remarks

It's doing the same thing again


Let me setup the situation. A customer comes in about a week ago and his computer system is dead. We check in his system and we put in for the notes that the system is dead and that it may have been caused by a faulty fan in the laptop which made the system overheat. We repair the system, replace the fans and the customer picks up the system. The customer calls a week later and says that his system is doing the same thing. I ask him what the same thing is and he says that the internet doesn’t work. I look up his notes to see what was done and I see that we replaced fans and the system is repaired. We didn’t do any service work on his notebook for the internet. I explain this to the gentlemen and he says no, no it came in for the internet. I decided it was in my best interest to just let it go and requested that he bring in the computer so that we could plug it in to our network and see if it would get on the internet. He said great I will be in tomorrow. Well tomorrow rolls around and he never calls or shows up. He probably was able to get on the internet after all. People never cease to amaze me. What do you think?

PS: It is kind of like changing the oil in a car and the customer calls up and asks why their brakes don’t work. And, they swear that you should have worked on their brakes for the $19.99 oil change price that they paid.

Bicycle crosses road at night


I was on the way home last night and the road that I use is dark, and there is no street lights. The time is 8:00 so it is really dark by then. There are oncoming headlights which makes visibility even more difficult and out of no-where there is a bicyclist that is crossing the road, not in a crosswalk. The person has no reflectors, and no lights or anything else that would identify him at night. I swerved to miss the person and managed to avoid him. I am a bicyclist and I understand the problems associated with bicycling. There is no bicycle lanes where this person was cycling. There wasn’t even much of a shoulder on the side of the road. The problem I have is that the guy wasn’t visible hardly at all and he crossed right in front of me at the last second. What do you think?

Backing out of a parking space and pedestrians


Pedestrians and parking.

 I was backing out of a parking space and I turned around to back out and there was 2 pedestrians behind my truck. They were walking through the parking lot instead of using the sidewalk which was maybe 15 feet away. Luckily I did look and I didn’t run them over. I see so many people not looking while backing up. The two sides to the story are that yes you should always be careful backing up, and the second side to the story is that you should use the sidewalks, or get out of the way of vehicles because even though you may be within your right you are still going to be dead if they back over you. What do you think?

Kids running around in a store


Families come in with their kids and they come up to the counter and need help. Meanwhile their kids are running around the store, touching everything in the store(kids are kids and they do this) and the parents do nothing about it. It isn’t the kid’s fault it is the parent’s fault. Parent’s are oblivious to their children’s activities in the store. When I was a kid my parent’s had a much tighter rein on us as kids. They wouldn’t allow this kind of behavior. What do you think? Should this be allowed in the store?