Daily Remarks

Telemarketers Suck


The same telemarketer called my office 3 times today. We screen for telemarketers, and when they don’t give their name, and call back number, we hang up on them. We get 10 telemarketer calls per day and it gets really old. Several of these calls are computer generated that start like this: LISTEN UP, which is expecially painful in that they yell in your ear.  This particular telemarketer was extra painful in that he would turn ever question we had around and ask us the same question. This would in turn cause us to get exasperated and eventually hang up on him. We were eventually able to get his phone number and name. I called the local phone company and explained the situation and they called the telemarketer and went through the same thing with him. They were able to get his company name. Do you get telemarketer calls? Has this ever happened to you? Any suggestions on how to stop this?

Parking at a Store


Parking at a store

My wife parked at a store in her Honda Fit automobile which a very small vehicle that barely takes up a parking spot. An SUV pulled in and parked right next to her while she was in the store. It was early in the morning so there wasn’t many cars in the parking lot. When coming out of the store my wife couldn’t open her hatchback because the SUV next to her was parked so close and at an angle that made it impossible to open. My wife had to climb in on the passenger side to get into her car. I tend to park way out in the parking lot because I can’t stand people parking close to my vehicle. Has this ever happened to you.