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Samsung warranty is terrible


Samsung Warranty is terrible

I purchased a Samsung monitor with a 3 year warranty. The monitor failed in year 2. I have been dealing with Samsung trying to get that monitor replaced for the last 2 months with no results. I even gave them a credit card for advanced shipping to get the replacement monitor faster.  They keep saying they can’t replace it because they don’t have the monitors in yet. I have called them no fewer than 10 times to get this resolved. I would recommend staying away from Samsung for purchases. They don’t stand by their warranty.

Called them twice this week. I was promised a call back with status and they still tell me it is in the works. They said they would contact the warehouse and contact me back. They never called me back. I asked for a superior on the following day and they said that they would put in an email to their superior who will contact me. They said I can’t talk to the superior directly. I can’t believe their lack of service. I have called Samsung once a week for 2 months. I am going to check with the state and see what they say. Maybe they have some legal recourse.

Any ideas on recourse on this would be greatly appreciated.

Updated: 12/10/2008

Finally received a replacement 20″ LCD monitor from Samsung. Same model, not an upgrade that was promised to me.

Updated 12/11/2008

The monitor that was replaced lasted about 2 hours and then went out. The monitor was obviously refurbished which was fine, but I can’t believe it only lasted a couple of hours. The process will have to be started all over again.