Daily Remarks

Crazy Customer with a Trackball Mouse


Customer comes into the store and buys a used computer. He is very nice and everything is going well. He pays for the computer and takes it home. We don’t hear from him for several hours and then he calls and says his mouse doesn’t work. We try to do the usual diagnostics over the phone, but we can’t seem to get the mouse to work over the phone on his computer. It appears to be connected correctly and it should be working. We recommend that he bring it in so that we can check it and he hangs up on us. We figure that he will be on our doorstep any time now.

The customer shows up on our door step and he puts the computer down on the counter and he vents on us and tells us that Windows doesn’t work right and that he can’t get the mouse to work. We pickup the computer and plug it in using our mouse to check the port. The computer sees the mouse fine and we show it to the customer. He then complains on how the desktop is setup and we put the pc into classic mode so that he can see the icons on the desktop. We then shutdown the computer and begin to plug in his trackball (all the while he is going crazy on us) and we notice that the pins on the trackball are bent. We show it to the customer and he apologizes up and down, and he leaves on good terms.

I don’t understand why people have to go off and be so upset without any provocation. We were more than willing to help him. We obviously couldn’t see the trackball over the phone so we couldn’t tell that the pins were bent. What are your experiences?

Can’t take the pie to go at Village Inn


I am eating out last night at Village Inn. I sat down with my wife and they changed the menus. They removed my favorite dish from the menu of course. So, no big deal, I found something else to eat on the menu. It is free pie Wednesdays. You get a free piece of pie with your meal. The waitress serving us takes our order and then asks us for our preference in pie, I tell her my usual which is pumkin and she says they can’t do that on the free pie day. So, I order apple pie and I proceed to tell the waitress that I would like it to go. She tells me that the pie has to be eaten inside the restaurant, those are the rules. I tell her that I had been eating there for over a year and since this special has been going on that I have been getting the pie to go. She says she can’t do it and that she will get in trouble. I let it slide and tell her no problem I will eat it in the restaurant. I do retail for a living and one of my more unreasonable customers would lose their minds if they couldn’t get it their way. I wouldn’t have even brought it up, I would have let it slide if I were her because it could potentially affect her tip.

My thought process is this: I am not at a buffet restaurant where I can see taking food home from the buffet would be against their rules. I am only getting one piece of pie and I would like to take it to go to eat it in front of the TV when I get home. What’s the big deal? If someone can explain this to me I would appreciate it. Thanks

Get around automated phone systems


Automated Phone Systems:

I found a couple of websites that will allow you to get around automated phone systems. They keep track of the phone systems and figure out ways to punch in the necessary numbers or letters to circumvent the dreaded automated phone systems. Check them out.


I have been stuck on these systems numerous times. I called my HMO and followed their system and put in my information such as account number, and which department I needed and then I finally get someone on the phone, and they ask for all of the same information again. I would think that they would have the information that I just put into the computer system, but they don’t, and I have to give them the all the information over again. I have wasted countless hours on the phone and it pretty much makes me crazy.