Daily Remarks

Customer Hardware versus Software Problems



We had a customer come in with a computer about 2 weeks ago for viruses and spyware. We eradicated the problems and gave the customer their computer back. The customer calls two weeks later and says that their computer won’t boot up. We tell them to bring it in at no charge. We diagnose the system and find out that the main board in the system is bad and needs to be replaced. The customer loses their minds and says that we should have tested that when we had it in two weeks ago. The customer also says that they hadn’t used the computer since they picked it up, but then they countradicted themselves and say that some of the software work that was requested wasn’t done correctly. So which is it? We try to explain that hardware is different than software. We worked on software before and now they have a hardware problem. We removed viruses and spyware and now their mainboard has a problem. Sometimes you just can’t get information across to people. What do you think?

Hold that Computer



Customer comes into the store on Monday and leaves a $50 deposit for us to hold a computer for him until Friday. We take the custom computer off the shelf and set it aside for him. The customer calls us on Thursday and says that he found a better deal, he saved $8 off another computer with the same specs. The sales rep tells him that we will give it to him for $12 less so that he can save a little money on the deal. The customer says that he already purchased the other computer. We gave the customer his deposit back. This really upsets me for 3 reasons:

1. The customer gives us a deposit on a computer and continues to shop for another computer.

2.  We are taking our inventory off the floor so that it can’t be sold to someone else.We have to order more equipment to replenish stock.

3. The customer doesn’t give us a chance to help him out, he buys a different computer from someone else.  He could have called us before he purchased it and said something. It would have been nice if he would have given us a chance considering we spent time with him and educated him on what he needed to buy.

I am not sure if it the economy or if some people are just this way every day. What do you think?