Daily Remarks

Customer takes their PC to a tech in a different state



Customer moved from Arizona to Texas. She calls us up and wants to know what the motherboard is inside her computer. We said bring it in and we can check for you and help you load the drivers that you need. She said she had moved to Texas and couldn’t come in.  Come to find out that she bought the computer from us in 2006. We don’t keep detailed records of parts going back that far. She wanted to know what the motherboard was so that they could get the drivers. She took her computer to GeekSquad and they couldn’t figure out that you can take the side off of the case and look at the motherboard and google the system motherboard name and numbers for the drivers. We had to explain to her what GeekSquad needed to do. It is standard in the industry to figure out what drivers are needed because almost all customers misplace their computer disks. Did you ever run into this? I am surprised that they couldn’t figure this out.

Customer's Life Stories



Why do customer’s feel like telling me their life stories? Customers come into the store and you ask if you can help them and they are off to the races, they tell you everything about their day and everything about their computer since they took it out of the box 5 years ago. What I would like to hear is the problem that they have so that I can input it into the computer. So, what exactly is your problem? I don’t want to be rude so I give them a little bit of my time, but sometimes I have to bring the conversation back around to the issue at hand. It is my own fault sometimes because I ask a question and they will start all over again. Has this every happened to you? I know a lot of you have done retail in the past. What is your experience?