Daily Remarks

Don't Buy ASUS motherboards they reject warranties



We sent back an ASUS motherboard to ASUS for warranty repair or replacement. They provided an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and we sent back the board to them. We get an email from them rejecting the repair or replacement because they can’t repair it and because they don’t have a replacement. So basically, they don’t provide a warranty on their products because they don’t carry the stock for replacement. They provide a 3 year warranty on their boards, but they don’t stand by their warranty. Why did they provide an RMA if they weren’t going to stand behind their warranty anyway. If they didn’t have a replacement in stock why did they give us an RMA? So, ultimately I am gettin back a broken motherboard and I paid shipping for nothing. We sell hundreds of motherboards at our company and we will not be buying ASUS again.

Power went out 3 times today



I am in the middle of inputing 50 items into a purchase order on my computer and the power goes out. I restart my computer and it goes out twice more. This happened to me about 3 months ago and it totally blew out my computer. I had to reinstall from scratch as it would not boot up. I considered calling the electric company, but somewhere in the past I heard that it is not their responsibility if something breaks as a result of using their power. Huh, seems like they are getting off easy. If I provided a service I would be responsible.