Daily Remarks

A Couple of Strange Business Taxes



The city has some strange taxes for businesses. The first tax is the sign tax. They actually charge me a tax for signs on the building that I rent. It is a flat fee plus 12 cents per foot. The fee came to $21.84 which isn’t a lot, but it is still a nickel and dime fee from the city that doesn’t make any sense to me. The second tax is the what I like to call the furniture tax. The tables, chairs, desks in my business are all taxed based upon their value. Now this isn’t the sales tax when I purchase them, but a yearly tax on their value. The city used to tax us on hazardous waste which we don’t have any of, but they taxed all businesses for this. They dropped this tax finally after enough complaints from businesses. The small businesses in this country help to pay most of the taxes and the various governments seem to be coming up with various ways to take the maximum amount of income from us.