Daily Remarks

Self Storage Video – Get rid of junk so it doesn't cost you money


Getting rid of your junk is a sure fire way to safe yourself some money.

I’ve always thought that putting your stuff in self storage was a bad idea. If you leave it there for a long time it will cost you a fortune. I have helped friends put their junk into storage time and time again. Most of what they put in is junk. If you can’t fit your junk where you live then get rid of it.

Get a call and they are talking to someone else when you answer



I really hate it when people call me and they are talking to someone else when I answer the phone. I pickup the phone and I hear them talking to whoever about whatever when they should be paying attention to who they called. This is just being discourteous. I basically give it about 2 seconds then I hang up. If they feel it is important to talk to one of us at the store they can call back. How do you handle this?

Customer falls on computer and wants warranty



A customer came in with a computer that was crushed. The customer fell down with the computer in his hands and he landed on the computer. We just rebuilt the computer 2 weeks before. He requested that we look at it and see what we could do. So we check it in and diagnose the computer. The case is destroyed and the motherboard is damaged. The customer is expecting warranty repair on the system because he told me as much. I told him that we would look at the computer and see what the problems are. He is a very good customer that we have been doing business with for along time. My choices are call him and tell him all of the problems with the pc and make him pay for everything and lose him as a customer or take care of the motherboard under warranty and charge him for the labor and the case and keep him as a customer. I will be going with option 2, but what would you do? Better to break even on it and keep him as a customer than to lose any future business.

Customer wants to claim computer equipment after 9 months



A customer actually came in the store and tried to claim their equipment that they left with us 9 months ago for service. We looked back at the notes and we had called them every month for 3 months straight. They never called us back. We left numerous messages. Our policy which is on the wall and is also on our service tickets states that equipment left with us gets donated or recycled after 30 days. We didn’t discard the equipment until the 4th month just to be sure. The laptop which the customer left was 7 years old and it would have cost more to repair than it was worth. We were very nice about it and told them that the equipment had been discarded according to our policies. The customer then became extremely angry and used a few choice words. We just kept repeating what the policy states and that we tried to contact them. We finally had to ask them to leave because they were becoming verbally abusive. I personally wouldn’t even consider getting my equipment back after that period of time. What do you think?

Strange Loan shows up on Credit Report during Refinance



The bank calls me today about my refinance on my house. They ask about a loan that shows up on my credit report. They give me the details and I tell them that it is not my loan. I called the credit company for the rogue loan and of course they can’t give me any detailed information. I managed to get out of them that the last name matched mine and that the first name began with a D. I figured out that the loan belongs to my dad and his wife. My dad and I have the same name, he is Sr and I am Jr, but we have the exact same name otherwise. My dad and his wife are going to resolve the problem. It was totally unintentional. This happened once before when my dad bought a wedding ring and it ended up on my credit report. Has one of the credit agencies ever caused you any problems? Have you ever had problems with credit companies putting wrong information on your credit report?