Daily Remarks

Going the Extra Mile Sometimes Causes Problems


A customer brought in a computer to have us work on. Simple task, just put in a secondary hard drive and hookup a fan to the motherboard. Well we installed the hard drive and tried setting it up in Windows XP, but it would only see the drive as a 128 gig hard drive. The hard drive we were installing was a 400 gig hard drive. Well we realized that the Windows had never been updated so that was causing the problem. So we updated all of the service packs 1, 2, and 3 and installed the hard drive and it worked fine. We realized that the primary drive was not being seen by the system correctly, (this is where it goes bad) so we repartitioned the hard drive to the correct size. The hard drive was a 300 gig and it was showing as 128 gigs so we figured it needed to be corrected. The partition software gave an error at the end of the repartitioning. Needless to say the system didn’t load, but we were able to save the data and reload the OS. Took us 4 hours and we made a whole $25. Should have been a 15 minute job. Sometimes no good deed shall go unpunished. The customer is happy so it all worked out in the end.