Daily Remarks

Why won’t you buy back my used computer


A lady buys a used computer. She comes in to the store and she is in a hurry. She picks out a used computer for $179 and we throw in a used monitor, keyboard and a mouse. She signs the paperwork and we explain that there are no returns on used computers. She signs the paperwork and leaves. The lady calls two weeks later and wants us to buy the computer back because her boyfriend bought her a laptop for $300 on black Friday. We tell her we have a lot of stock and we don’t need anymore used computers, so we are not willing to buy her computer. She then proceeds to lose her mind and she says we are dishonest because we knew she could buy a better computer for more money. I was confused because of course she can get a better computer for more money. Then she hangs up on us. It is interesting that people are so nice when they call until they don’t get their own way and they lose it. Has this ever happened to you?