Daily Remarks

Why won’t you work on my computer for free


A guy comes into the computer store and buys a used computer. We show him Windows on the computer before he makes his purchase. He asks for the computer without the operating system so we remove the operating system from the computer and lower the price. He then wants a better deal than that so we reduce the price by another $25 and told him that the system is used and that there is no warranty or returns on it. He is fine with that. We show him that Ubuntu Linux works on the system which is the OS that he will be using on the computer. We show him Linux by using an Ubuntu Live cd which doesn’t install on the hard drive it just runs from the cd. The customer takes the computer home and tries to install Linux on the hard drive. He can’t get it installed so he brings the computer back to us and wants us to install Linux for him. We tell him we usually charge $125 for that, but we would cut him a deal and do it for $50. He gets totally upset and grabs the computer and storms out of the store. Explain to me why we should do it for free? Maybe I am missing something. I know he purchased the system from us, but he wanted the original operating system removed from the system which was working so that he could save $75. We even showed him that Linux would work on the system for free. I wish I knew where he worked so that I could go there and ask him to work for me for free.