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Bad Dream


I had a nightmare last night. In the dream I was in a mansion with many rooms. I was dressed in a suit. In the main hall there was a lavish party. I remember looking up at a chandelier and seeing a grand piano in the main hall. As I went from room to room in the mansion I came upon people that had caused me pain in some way. I spoke with each of the people in each of the rooms as I went along or I just watched the people as they spoke to each other. Each of the people I spoke to upset me or we argued about something. I felt out of place, but I knew everyone. I came upon the last room where the was an old man in chair and he had a cane. The room was very retro, with an old lamp, carpet and bookshelves. It seemed like the old man wasn’t able to leave the room. I knew the man in the dream, but I can’t remember who he is now. The old man told me not to leave the mansion because something bad would happen. He didn’t want me to leave. I couldn’t leave by the door as it was locked all of a sudden. This was the same door that I entered from. I decided to climb out the window. The old man didn’t try to stop me, but he kept warning me not to leave. As I am walking away from the Mansion it goes up in flames. I wake up and I am looking at my closet which is partially open and I would swear that there was a fireplace with eyes and a mouth staring back at me. I get up and go outside into the cool air and shake it off. I had some chocolate before bed which may have caused this. Even though it was scary I may have some more chocolate tonight as I want to figure out who the old man was.

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