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Barnes and Noble Online vs In-Store Pricing Disappoints


Over the weekend I went shopping for a Star Wars Blue Ray boxed set of the whole epic film. Barnes and Noble has it online for $88.19 as of 11/7/2011 so I went over the Barnes and Noble to pick it up. When I got their I found the price to be $129.99. I took the item up to the cashier and requested the online price and I was told I couldn’t get it at that price because that was the online price. They have a customer ready and willing to purchase an item in store and they refuse to sell to me at their listed online price. I didn’t purchase the film from Barnes and Noble. I left the store and started shopping for the film from other venues and found it at a better price. I really do like the feeling of Barnes and Noble and the brick and mortar stores, but this pushes me into buying everything online. I would have bought it from Barnes and Noble and they would have made the sale, but they refused which caused me to go looking elsewhere. Please explain to me why they wouldn’t sell it to me at their listed online price? I asked several people what the difference is between online and in-store prices and none of the people I talked to could come up with a good reason. Is their anyone out there that can explain this to me as I don’t think it makes any sense?

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  1. I’ve been told it has to do with the fact that the overhead of running a brick and mortar causes things to be more expensive than if you buy online.

    Quite honestly don’t think it excuses them from absurdly high prices. I think they could lower them or at the very least actually have more sales (which B&N is bad for not doing).

    I only buy from B&N when there is a small price difference but even then that can add up.

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