Daily Remarks

Difficulty changing airline tickets


Five days ago I purchased some airline tickets for a trip to Florida. I went through CheapTickets.com. Everything went well until I needed to change the dates on the tickets to May instead of March. I went back to CheapTickets.com to change the ticket dates and I found out that they wanted to charge me $25 per ticket and the airline required a change fee of $100 per ticket. I was very nice and I explained that I had made a mistake in the dates (M for March and M for May), but they couldn’t do anything about it. I could see if I purchased a product and returned it, but I didn’t receive the product nor did it affect them in any way. I checked around and found out that this has happened to other people. May favorite is when a friend of mine made a mistake on ticketing and within 10 minutes tried to change it and they were charged these excessive fees also. I tried disputing it through my Amex card, but American Express couldn’t do anything about it. I also tried the airline directly (American Airlines), and they wouldn’t do anything about it. My understanding now is this is the standard policy in the airline industry. This makes me understand why people don’t want to fly.

I realize there is rules and regulations in this lifetime, but this seems kind of extreme to me. What do you think?