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Bad Service at the McDonalds at the Dallas Airport


Traveling and the Bad service at the Airport McDonalds

I went to Florida over the weekend and I visited the Dallas Airport on my way to and from Florida. At the Dallas Airport there is a McDonalds restaurant which I figured I would stop into for a quick sandwich before my next plane trip. I walked up to the McDonalds thinking that I would get something to eat. There were 6 people working the counter and they were all chatting up a storm with each other and not paying any attention to any of the people that were walking up to the counter. I walked up to the counter and had eye contact with someone and they just kept chatting with another employee so I walked away and went to eat at TJI Fridays instead. I wasn’t in the mood to confront them on their poor service because I had already driven 200 miles and flown 2 hours from Florida to the airport and I only had 25 minutes to catch my next flight. I have owned a business for 20 years and I can’t believe the utter lack of service. I would fire my staff for being so inattentive.  What are your thoughts. Have you been to a McDonalds or a restaurant with bad service?