Daily Remarks

Client Expectations


Client brings in a computer to be worked on 2 weeks ago. We call him within 2 days and let him know what the problem is and he says he will let us know. We leave messages with the client over the next 2 weeks to find out if the client would like us to do the work. After 2 weeks the client calls us back and says do the work. The client then calls us three times per day every day to see if their computer is finished. Why is it so important now and it wasn’t over the last 2 weeks?

So a Customer walks into a Computer Store and…


So a customer walks into a computer store and tells us that he has a problem with his HDMI port on his laptop not producing any sound on his monitor with built in speakers. We tell him we can take a look at it and he checks it in. We explain that in order to fix the problem we will have to check the hardware and software. We end up fixing the problem and the customer doesn’t want us to fix it because his boss won’t pay for it. The customer puts the boss on the phone and he explains that he doesn’t want to get charged for the work. I am at a loss at this point because at no time did we deal with this other person(the boss). The boss didn’t sign the worksheet at check in time and at no time did we know that this other person even existed. Somehow we ended up getting in the middle of things between the employee and employer. We end up undoing the repairs and telling the customer to come in and get the computer. You bring in a computer to have the software problem fixed and we fix it and you don’t want us to fix it. Why did you bring it in or have us repair it if you didn’t want it done? Why waste our time and your time? I don’t get it. When working on software you usually need to fix the problem without a diagnostic because you end up fixing the problem while you working on the problem.

Customer buys from store then goes shopping on the internet


A customer comes into the store and drops off his computer to be worked on because it is dead. We look at the computer and determine that the video card is toast and that the system has viruses/spyware on it. We call the customer and give him the diagnostic and he says go ahead and do the work and install a new video card. We get the work done and he picks it up and takes it home, but it doesn’t work on his dual monitor setup because it doesn’t have the right connections. The customer needs 2 DVI connections and the card in the system that we sold him only has one. He wonders what else we can get for him.

We call him back after researching video cards that will have the outputs that he needs. We call him back and tell him all about the video card and we quote him a price. He says that sounds good, go ahead and order it. We order the card.

The customer calls back within an hour and says that he found the card cheaper on the internet and wonders what we can do for him. The service manager comes and talks to me about it and I am a little bit ticked because we spent time and money on purchasing a new card for the customer. We tell the customer that we can pull the card and refund him the money. The customer then asks if he can get the install labor back and can we let him borrow the card until his new video card comes in. I lose my mind at this point, although I don’t let the customer know that. I tell him that we didn’t charge him labor to install the card, we only charged him labor to fix the viruses/spyware. We basically install the card for free because he is buying the card from us. We also tell him that he needs to bring the computer back today so that we can uninstall the video card. He isn’t happy with that, but agrees to bring in the computer. Within an hour or so he brings the computer back and we uninstall the video card and refund on the video card. We give him back his old video card that is dead. I would be willing to bet that he will try and get the old video card to work in his computer while he waits for his other video card to show up even though we told him it is dead. (which it is)

I can’t believe that people will tell you that they want you to special order something, then they go shopping for the same item. I wonder how I can take care of this in the future. I can have someone pay in advance for special orders. (This puts them out because they have to make a special trip to make the payment) Or, I can wait 24 hours knowing that they might change their minds. Or, I can tell them up front that special orders are final and they are no refunds. Any one of these options puts a burden on the customer. I can’t win mo matter what I do.

What do you think?

Customer’s Poor Attitude


A lady comes in with a used computer she purchased the night before just as we were closing. She brings the computer in as soon as we open and needs help with it. She removed the anti-virus and installed a different anti-virus with registry cleaner and file remover capabilities. She uses the new program remover to remove necessary files from the computer and now the computer doesn’t even boot. She told us she did this. She is all upset with the equipment and with us and she needs the computer right away for a court case she is involved in. She caused the problem with the laptop, but she won’t own up to it.

I take the computer in the back so a technician can look at. She proceeds to tell another person in the office that she has been involved with the law her whole life and she is in the middle of suing someone right now. (I wonder why she brought this up, maybe she is looking to coerce us into doing something, or maybe I am cynical). We end up checking the computer in to be looked at for free.

She then asks about another computer she dropped off for repair. The laptop she dropped off for repair needs a motherboard and it is old so we tell her it isn’t worth repairing because of the cost. She then questions what exactly is wrong with the laptop. We tell her that we ran diagnostics on the computer, we changed out the ram, we tried another ac adaptor, we tested her ac adaptor, as well as a bunch of other diagnostic things. She isn’t happy with that and says that she has 2 other techs look at the computer before us and they say that the dc connector is bad. We tell her that that is part of the laptop and because of the age it isn’t worth fixing. So we go round and round with her trying to explain that the laptop is old and she shouldn’t put any money into it. We are trying to help her not throw her money away, but she can’t see it. She takes the laptop that came in for repair, but she changes the pickup paperwork wording to state that she is unsatisfied with our work and then she signs the paperwork.

We end up giving her a full refund on the laptop she purchased the prior night because frankly, ” we don’t want to deal with her anymore”. She is antagonistic and I don’t need people like that in my life. Have you had an experience like this?

Answer customer’s computer questions and they buy somewhere else


A customer comes into the store and asks several questions on how to fix their computer. I spend 15 to 20 minutes with the customer answering his questions. I believe that knowledge has value and my time has value. The customer asks if we have any canned air. I say sure we have canned air and the price is $7.99. The customer proceeds to tell me that he can get canned air at the dollar store for $5.00. Now if I was the customer I would have purchased the canned air for $7.99 instead of trying to nickle and dime the store owner for the extra $2.99 because the store owner just spent time helping him out with his questions. Isn’t my time and knowledge worth something? It would have taken him hours to research the information I gave him for free and he probably wouldn’t have fixed his problem without the knowledge I provided. Has this ever happened to you?