Daily Remarks

I have no control over your shipping


A client orders an item on December 14th and it ships on the 15th of December. The client is located on the east coast and we are shipping from the west coast. We upgraded their shipping from standard shipping to priority shipping for free. The client calls me on the 23rd of December and says they didn’t receive it yet so I check the tracking on it. The tracking says it is on route from the sorting facility which is located on the west coast. There have been no updates to the tracking since the 15th. It would be nice if USPS would update a little more often. This would help them to have fewer phone calls and complaints. I called USPS and went through their phone system. I tried to get a live person and hit 00, but the recorded message basically said they don’t take customer service calls this time of year. 1-800-ASK-USPS is their number if anyone needs it. The client is upset because they needed it by Christmas and they want to know what I will do about it. I was extremely nice about it, but I don’t have any control over the shipping process. Sometimes shipping takes longer than expected this time of year. This happens almost every year. I requested that the customer be patient and I haven’t hard from him again. So we will see what happens. I will check tracking over the next few days and hopefully he will receive it. Has this ever happened to you?

Why won’t you work on my computer for free


A guy comes into the computer store and buys a used computer. We show him Windows on the computer before he makes his purchase. He asks for the computer without the operating system so we remove the operating system from the computer and lower the price. He then wants a better deal than that so we reduce the price by another $25 and told him that the system is used and that there is no warranty or returns on it. He is fine with that. We show him that Ubuntu Linux works on the system which is the OS that he will be using on the computer. We show him Linux by using an Ubuntu Live cd which doesn’t install on the hard drive it just runs from the cd. The customer takes the computer home and tries to install Linux on the hard drive. He can’t get it installed so he brings the computer back to us and wants us to install Linux for him. We tell him we usually charge $125 for that, but we would cut him a deal and do it for $50. He gets totally upset and grabs the computer and storms out of the store. Explain to me why we should do it for free? Maybe I am missing something. I know he purchased the system from us, but he wanted the original operating system removed from the system which was working so that he could save $75. We even showed him that Linux would work on the system for free. I wish I knew where he worked so that I could go there and ask him to work for me for free.

Emergency Room Issues


Last night I took my wife to the emergency room at 10:30 at night for a severe migraine. We checked in at 10:30 with the front desk which is behind glass. You need to pickup a phone to talk to someone. Kinda feels like one of those prison movies. It took until 1:00am for the emergency room to get my wife into a bed and another hour for her to be seen by a Doctor. The Doctor prescribed some morphine and some nausea medicine as well as intravenous liquids. My wife fell asleep shortly after getting the morphine and she woke up 2 hours later. We were expecting the Doctor to come back and check on her, but it took until 6:00am for the Doctor to come back. We were checked out at 7:30am. So the whole process took 9 hours. Most of the time was spent waiting. They said they were very busy last night, but the waiting room had at most 10 people waiting. It just didn’t seem to be very organized. There must be a way to streamline the process. I ended up staying awake all night and I am working on no sleep for the past 28 hours so I am a bit cranky. I understand that the emergency room people are abused by people and they are overworked and under funded. The bed my wife was put in was built in 1996. I had plenty of time to do nothing so I noticed little things like that. I recommend using an ambulance if you can afford it to get in quicker. If you walk in you have to wait behind the glass which is what we did. I know these things can’t be planned, but the process is very painful. What have your experiences been like?

Why won’t you buy back my used computer


A lady buys a used computer. She comes in to the store and she is in a hurry. She picks out a used computer for $179 and we throw in a used monitor, keyboard and a mouse. She signs the paperwork and we explain that there are no returns on used computers. She signs the paperwork and leaves. The lady calls two weeks later and wants us to buy the computer back because her boyfriend bought her a laptop for $300 on black Friday. We tell her we have a lot of stock and we don’t need anymore used computers, so we are not willing to buy her computer. She then proceeds to lose her mind and she says we are dishonest because we knew she could buy a better computer for more money. I was confused because of course she can get a better computer for more money. Then she hangs up on us. It is interesting that people are so nice when they call until they don’t get their own way and they lose it. Has this ever happened to you?

So a Customer walks into a Computer Store and…


So a customer walks into a computer store and tells us that he has a problem with his HDMI port on his laptop not producing any sound on his monitor with built in speakers. We tell him we can take a look at it and he checks it in. We explain that in order to fix the problem we will have to check the hardware and software. We end up fixing the problem and the customer doesn’t want us to fix it because his boss won’t pay for it. The customer puts the boss on the phone and he explains that he doesn’t want to get charged for the work. I am at a loss at this point because at no time did we deal with this other person(the boss). The boss didn’t sign the worksheet at check in time and at no time did we know that this other person even existed. Somehow we ended up getting in the middle of things between the employee and employer. We end up undoing the repairs and telling the customer to come in and get the computer. You bring in a computer to have the software problem fixed and we fix it and you don’t want us to fix it. Why did you bring it in or have us repair it if you didn’t want it done? Why waste our time and your time? I don’t get it. When working on software you usually need to fix the problem without a diagnostic because you end up fixing the problem while you working on the problem.