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Bad Dream: In a Box


I had another bad dream. I was at the office and a delivery guy shows up. He hands me a box. I wasn’t expecting anything. I signed for the box and I set it aside for a little while. Then I thought I heard something coming from the box. I went over to the box and listened for a minute. The box seemed to be crying. I decided I should open the box. I went over and picked up a box opener and gently started opening the box. The contents of the box became louder. Turns out there was a baby in the box. I was mortified. I took the baby out and she was okay.

I started thinking of who she might belong to. I decided to call the mental institutions in the city. (not sure why, keep in mind I am dreaming) The 1st mental institution I called said there was a patient that was saying she mailed a baby, but they thought it was just her having a hallucination. I went to the mental institution with my girlfriend and started looking for the lady who said she had shipped a baby. We ended up getting lost and I also lost my girlfriend in one of the rooms. Each room came across had some poor soul in pain. I kept looking until I stumbled across a large room with a desk. A lady came out of a side room into the large room and I told her the situation with the baby and the mother at the institution. The lady was the administrator of the building. She knew of the mother and the baby, but she thought it was just the patient having a dream. She said because of the lady’s condition she needs to get rid of her anxieties so she gets rid of things, but she didn’t think she would get rid of her baby. I told her I had the baby and I was trying to find the mother. The administrator gave me address to the lady with the missing baby. I finally found my girlfriend and we set off to find the mother.

I went over to the mother’s house. The house was thrashed. It was literally falling apart. I went up to the front door and an old lady greeted me. She was rude and asked me what I wanted. I told her about the baby and the old lady didn’t seem like she cared at all. I said I would take it to the police if I didn’t hear from the mother. At that point the lady became irate and told me to get off the property. Her redneck son came out from around the side of the house and just stood there with his shotgun. The daughter came running out and asked where the baby was. I really didn’t want to, but I handed the baby over. I went back home and called the authorities and told them the story and they said they would send someone over.

I laid in the bed the rest of the night thinking about the dream.

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Bad Dream


I had a nightmare last night. In the dream I was in a mansion with many rooms. I was dressed in a suit. In the main hall there was a lavish party. I remember looking up at a chandelier and seeing a grand piano in the main hall. As I went from room to room in the mansion I came upon people that had caused me pain in some way. I spoke with each of the people in each of the rooms as I went along or I just watched the people as they spoke to each other. Each of the people I spoke to upset me or we argued about something. I felt out of place, but I knew everyone. I came upon the last room where the was an old man in chair and he had a cane. The room was very retro, with an old lamp, carpet and bookshelves. It seemed like the old man wasn’t able to leave the room. I knew the man in the dream, but I can’t remember who he is now. The old man told me not to leave the mansion because something bad would happen. He didn’t want me to leave. I couldn’t leave by the door as it was locked all of a sudden. This was the same door that I entered from. I decided to climb out the window. The old man didn’t try to stop me, but he kept warning me not to leave. As I am walking away from the Mansion it goes up in flames. I wake up and I am looking at my closet which is partially open and I would swear that there was a fireplace with eyes and a mouth staring back at me. I get up and go outside into the cool air and shake it off. I had some chocolate before bed which may have caused this. Even though it was scary I may have some more chocolate tonight as I want to figure out who the old man was.

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