Daily Remarks

How does the handle on syrup get sticky?


I was at a restaurant the other day and I ordered pancakes. The pancakes arrived and the waitress brought over some syrup with the meal for the pancakes. I picked up the syrup and the handle was all sticky. How does that happen? The syrup comes out of opening on the top. Do customers pour syrup on their hands and then pickup the syrup? Has this ever happened to you? Just something to think about.

McDonald’s Fails Again


We went to the McDonald’s in Wilcox Arizona over the weekend and tried to get a drink, just a drink. It took over 15 minutes just to get a drink. There was at least 8 people working and they weren’t that busy. The counter was staffed with one person who was at the cash register. She was taking orders and putting the tickets to the side for the rest of the staff to fill. The rest of the staff was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I can’t believe how long it took. I didn’t even order any food. I know McDonald’s is a franchise and they have specific ways of handling things so that the food gets out quickly, but not this time. So much for fast food. Has this ever happened to you?

In and Out Burger has great service



inandoutburgerMy Lunch

Went to In and Out Burger yesterday for the first time and they have fast service and good food. They even had time to visit us at our table and ask how our food was. I have never had a fast food service business do that. Simple menu, fast service and good food. Expert combination. I recommend them highly. The one I went to is located here: 1979 EAST AJO WAY TUCSON, AZ

Restaurants and Air Conditioning During the Summer



I eat at this little restaurant in the morning most days. The problem is that when you go into the restaurant the air conditioning is set so cold that you could hang meat in the place. I don’t understand why they keep it like that. It is 105 degrees outside in Arizona and they put the air conditioning down to 65 degrees inside. I don’t get it. With such a difference in temperature between the outside and the inside it makes it difficult to acclimate to the climate change. What do you think?

Can’t take the pie to go at Village Inn


I am eating out last night at Village Inn. I sat down with my wife and they changed the menus. They removed my favorite dish from the menu of course. So, no big deal, I found something else to eat on the menu. It is free pie Wednesdays. You get a free piece of pie with your meal. The waitress serving us takes our order and then asks us for our preference in pie, I tell her my usual which is pumkin and she says they can’t do that on the free pie day. So, I order apple pie and I proceed to tell the waitress that I would like it to go. She tells me that the pie has to be eaten inside the restaurant, those are the rules. I tell her that I had been eating there for over a year and since this special has been going on that I have been getting the pie to go. She says she can’t do it and that she will get in trouble. I let it slide and tell her no problem I will eat it in the restaurant. I do retail for a living and one of my more unreasonable customers would lose their minds if they couldn’t get it their way. I wouldn’t have even brought it up, I would have let it slide if I were her because it could potentially affect her tip.

My thought process is this: I am not at a buffet restaurant where I can see taking food home from the buffet would be against their rules. I am only getting one piece of pie and I would like to take it to go to eat it in front of the TV when I get home. What’s the big deal? If someone can explain this to me I would appreciate it. Thanks