Daily Remarks

Had to Layoff an Employee


I had to layoff an employee because of lack of work. It was very tough because the employee is also a friend. The employee was very good about it and didn’t get upset. He said that he saw it coming because there wasn’t enough work to stay busy all of the time. It is tough to work with someone for years without developing some kind of relationship. He was a good worker and he went out of his way to work weekends if needed. The reality is though that the work wasn’t there to support him. I told him that if he filed unemployment I wouldn’t protest it, and I told him it was a good idea. Most of the employees live paycheck to paycheck so it is especially hard on him as he didn’t have any money set aside for a rainy day. I try to talk to the employees about having some money set aside, but everyone seems to spend every dollar they get without thinking of the future. Have you had to lay anyone off or have you been laid off?

Update: I received the unemployment paperwork for the employee. The paperwork is pretty self explanatory, it asks the last day the employee worked. It also asks if there is any vacation of sick time that the employee is entitled to. The one thing about the form that gets me though is that if you want to protest you need to sign the back and send it in, but if you don’t want to protest it at the very bottom of the first page it says you don’t have to do anything. I didn’t want to protest the unemployment and I looked over the paperwork 3 times to see what I had to do and I finally noticed the last line. They could have made that line more blatant.

Employee gets car impounded last weekend



One of my employees shows up today and wants to talk to me about his situation. He gives me all the details about his windshield being cracked and he tells me he couldn’t afford to get it fixed, and because of that he couldn’t get his car tags without the windshield being fixed. He was hired to be an on-site technician. Over the weekend he gets pulled over for no tags on his car and they impound his car. He says he should have a car within a week to do on-sites. He has to buy another car because the original car was impounded and it will take 30 days to get out of impound at $23 per day. He tells me that 30 days in impound is required by Arizona law. Not sure about this law, but I don’t have time to check on it. Seems like a pretty severe penalty for a non moving violation. I can’t believe he let his tags lapse. He does have insurance. The tags on his car would cost at most $50 per year. He could have saved himself a ton of money by just paying the tags in the first place. The fines will be close to $300 to $400 plus the impounds. Pretty expensive mistake. In the meantime should I pay him and have him work in the store or should I send him home? What do you think?