Daily Remarks

Remember the Days of 5 Percent Passbook Savings


I remember when I was a kid that I could get a return of 5% on my savings account. You went into the bank with your change and opened up your first bank account and they gave you a passbook to keep track of your transactions. What happened to the good old days? Now you are lucky to get 1% on a money market or a 1 year certificate of deposit. With the recession and the housing market crash it has taken it’s toll on the economy. The stock market is so frenetic that it is hard to put your money into anything that gives you a steady return. Bonds look good if you are willing to take some risk with the lower rated bonds. Bankrate.com is a good place to checkout the current rates. I don’t see how retirees are surviving. Social security isn’t healthy and the majority of the population is getting older which means that the minority of the population will have to support the retirees. The retirees deserve this because they put in their time and paid into the system.

Bad Representation by Salesperson Selling Business or Real Estate


I called a business broker on a business that is for sale today (Friday at 12:00) and I reached the secretary of the business broker. ( I have bought and sold businesses before just for your fyi.) I told the lady who I was and that I was interested in information about the business that was for sale. She told me that the broker was out until Monday and he was the only person I could talk to about it. I asked if I could get the information sheet about the business which is standard and she said no, I would have to wait and talk to the broker. I consider this to be bad representation of the business by the broker. The secretary should at least be able to get me the info and I would sign the customary NDA (non disclosure agreement), but that wasn’t possible. In sales of any kind you need to strike when the iron is hot not when you feel like getting around to it. I have had this happen to me when checking on real estate that is for sale also. The real estate sales person is not available and no one else in their office can help with a a property. It has to be the listing agent. I understand that the broker or salesperson is trying to make sure that they keep the commission to themselves, but it really is bad business practice to not service the customer. The broker or sales representative is not representing the seller of the business very well. No wonder our economy is in such bad shape. Have you ever called on real estate and been told put off? Have you ever called on a business and been stone walled by their representative?

Self Storage Video – Get rid of junk so it doesn't cost you money


Getting rid of your junk is a sure fire way to safe yourself some money.

I’ve always thought that putting your stuff in self storage was a bad idea. If you leave it there for a long time it will cost you a fortune. I have helped friends put their junk into storage time and time again. Most of what they put in is junk. If you can’t fit your junk where you live then get rid of it.

Strange Loan shows up on Credit Report during Refinance



The bank calls me today about my refinance on my house. They ask about a loan that shows up on my credit report. They give me the details and I tell them that it is not my loan. I called the credit company for the rogue loan and of course they can’t give me any detailed information. I managed to get out of them that the last name matched mine and that the first name began with a D. I figured out that the loan belongs to my dad and his wife. My dad and I have the same name, he is Sr and I am Jr, but we have the exact same name otherwise. My dad and his wife are going to resolve the problem. It was totally unintentional. This happened once before when my dad bought a wedding ring and it ended up on my credit report. Has one of the credit agencies ever caused you any problems? Have you ever had problems with credit companies putting wrong information on your credit report?