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Passing it Forward Good Deeds


I went to breakfast this morning and I had my usual. The waitress brought my check over and within 5 minutes she picked up the check. I asked her if I had the right check and she said she had to correct it. About 10 minutes goes by and she never brings me back a check. I ask her for the check and she says the guy sitting at a table behind me paid my bill. I didn’t know the guy or even remember seeing the guy when I came in. I asked the waitress who he was and all she remembered was that he had blonde hair and tattoos on his arms. This was a great start to my day. I will do the same for someone else and pass on this good deed.

As a side note, I was in my vehicle afterwards and on the radio they were talking about good deeds.

The 1st deed was a lady who bought diapers and formula for a lady who couldn’t afford it.

The 2nd good deed was a pilot who bought pizza for the stranded passengers.

See the article here: Pilot buys pizza for passengers.

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