Daily Remarks

Cars Parking on the side of the street blocking traffic


I am on my way home after work last night and I turn in to the street where I live and their is 2 vehicles parked on the sides of the road. One car is on the left side of the road and one truck is on the other side of the road. The thing is that the are right across from each other. One of them could have pulled a little further down and parked so that someone driving by could get through easier. Wouldn’t that make sense? I was able to get by them, but just barely.

Bicycle crosses road at night


I was on the way home last night and the road that I use is dark, and there is no street lights. The time is 8:00 so it is really dark by then. There are oncoming headlights which makes visibility even more difficult and out of no-where there is a bicyclist that is crossing the road, not in a crosswalk. The person has no reflectors, and no lights or anything else that would identify him at night. I swerved to miss the person and managed to avoid him. I am a bicyclist and I understand the problems associated with bicycling. There is no bicycle lanes where this person was cycling. There wasn’t even much of a shoulder on the side of the road. The problem I have is that the guy wasn’t visible hardly at all and he crossed right in front of me at the last second. What do you think?