Daily Remarks

Parking Lot Rage


I am walking through a parking lot and a guy drives by really close, I am talking within 12 inches. I go over to the guy after he parks and tell him that he almost hit me and his response was that I shouldn’t be walking in the middle of the parking lot. I was walking on the side (this parking lot is really tight), not that that matters, the guy shouldn’t have driven that close to me or anyone for that matter, its dangerous. I was dumb founded by his response. The guy thought he was in the right in almost hitting me to make what I would assume was his point. All of these thoughts immediately go through my head, should I punch him in the face (that wouldn’t solve anything, but would make me feel better), I ended up walking away from the guy. Should I have called the police, or what should I have done? Has this ever happened to you?

Why do people go behind a vehicle that is backing up?


I am in my car in the parking lot when I see a car backing up. The car is more than half way out of his parking spot when 2 people decide to walk behind the vehicle. The vehicle stops quickly to avoid hitting the pedestrians. Why do people walk behind vehicles that are backing up? I understand that the pedestrian has the right of way, but wouldn’t it be safer to wait for the car to backup and get out of the way so that you can get to your destination in one piece?

Giant SUV blocks entrance to Restaurant


I decided to go to breakfast this morning. I get ready to turn into the parking lot and their is this giant SUV blocking the entrance so that I had to squeeze through with my car. The guy is half out of the parking spot, and half in the entryway to the restaurant. From my perspective it is plain as day that he is blocking the entrance. Has this ever happened to you?

Car Accidents


There are lots of crazy people driving this season. There has been at least 4 accidents outside the store where I work. Some people stop short and other people run into them and other people run their cars into other cars while they are coming in or out of our parking lot. I am amazed at the car volumne this year. They say the economy is slow but it seems like it is crazy here. Everyone needs to just slow down and take a breath.  And have a happy holiday anyway.

Parking at a Store


Parking at a store

My wife parked at a store in her Honda Fit automobile which a very small vehicle that barely takes up a parking spot. An SUV pulled in and parked right next to her while she was in the store. It was early in the morning so there wasn’t many cars in the parking lot. When coming out of the store my wife couldn’t open her hatchback because the SUV next to her was parked so close and at an angle that made it impossible to open. My wife had to climb in on the passenger side to get into her car. I tend to park way out in the parking lot because I can’t stand people parking close to my vehicle. Has this ever happened to you.