Daily Remarks

People in crosswalks not looking


Crosswalks and People

I am leaving the Wallmart over the weekend and this girl walks in front of me in a crosswalk. Granted people do have the right away in crosswalks. The only problem that I see is that she is on her cell phone and she doesn’t even look left or right to see if anyone is coming. She just walked right out in front of my vehicle. You are totally in the right being in a crosswalk, but you will still be dead if you get run over from not looking to see who is coming. I see people in parking lots going way too fast and I see where someone could get hurt. What do you think? Was she right or was she wrong?

Person parking next to me


Parking Lot

My wife and I went out to dinner last night and we parked in a parking lot next to the restaurant. The parking lot was 75% empty when we arrived and 75% empty when we left. I parked far out to stay away from everyone and low and behold when I came out there was a huge suv parked so close to my car that I almost had to climb in on the passenger side to get in my car. Is this really necessary? I don’t understand why people have to do that. What do you think?

Backing out of a parking space and pedestrians


Pedestrians and parking.

 I was backing out of a parking space and I turned around to back out and there was 2 pedestrians behind my truck. They were walking through the parking lot instead of using the sidewalk which was maybe 15 feet away. Luckily I did look and I didn’t run them over. I see so many people not looking while backing up. The two sides to the story are that yes you should always be careful backing up, and the second side to the story is that you should use the sidewalks, or get out of the way of vehicles because even though you may be within your right you are still going to be dead if they back over you. What do you think?