Daily Remarks

Some Crazy for your Day


I wouldn’t want to be on the bike or so close to the route. Some of the pedestrians are way to close especially on corners. One wrong turn and you are toast.

Men Insults and Women Compliments


Men insult men and don’t really mean it, women compliment each other and don’t really mean it. Pretty funny observation from my co-worker.

Buying a Car Saga


My son called this guy to look at his Ford Mustang he had for sale. The seller said come over after work to check out the car. We went over after work to checkout the car, but the owner wasn’t there yet. We speak with his wife and she tells us to wait for her husband. In the meantime we check out the car that is for sale in the driveway. Not a bad car and for $1600 for a 1995 Ford Mustang, it seemed like a pretty good deal.

The owner shows up and right behind him is another potential buyer that wants to look at the car also. I really didn’t want to get into a bidding war with someone over a car, but it doesn’t hurt to look at it and talk to the seller. The owner starts the car and pulls it out so we can get a better look and also hear the motor run.

I ask the owner of the car who called first on the car and the other potential buyer pipes in that he has first dibs on the car and he told the seller of the car so over the phone. Kinda of a jerk move on the other guys part, but oh well. The owner doesn’t say anything at this point. I ask the owner of the car again who the first caller was and the owner says we both called within 5 minutes of each other. Obviously the owner of the car doesn’t want to make any waves. So the other guy gets to take the car out first and he gets to decide whether he wants to buy it or not before we get a crack at it. Kinda upsets me because we were there first to look at it. So the owner and the potential buyer go out in the car and then they come back.

The owner of the car walks over to me and says that the other guy is probably going to buy the car. He says if I want to talk to the other buyer to go ahead. I walk over to the guy and ask if he is going to buy the car and he says yes. Then I ask if he is going to pay full boat for the car, which means pay full price and he says yes also. I am speculating that the other buyer was a friend of the owner or worked with the owner because he drove in like he was being towed by the other guy (thats how close the other buyer was to the seller when they drove in). The one thing we had going for us was that the other buyer had to pay full price.

New Survivorman Show – Beyond Survival with Les Stroud


I always like Survivorman. The new show premiers on Discovery Channel USA on August 27th at 10PMEST and in Canada on OLN September 5th at 8PMEST. Les Stroud travels the world and takes part in tribal rituals and ceremonies and discovers the secrets of how trival culture has survived for thousands of years.

Discovery Channel Site and Information.

Here is Les Stroud, Survivorman’s Website

Customer Damages Product then tries to return it


A customer bought an ac adapter 4 days ago and tried to return it yesterday. The customer pulled the cable lose from the adapter, scratched the top of it, and the bottom of the adapter looked like it had been burnt and they wanted to return it for a refund. Yesterday the customer said that he found his original adapter and needed to return the one he bought from us. I explained that we don’t take back physically damaged equipment. He left without saying a word. The day after daddy shows up and wants to return it. He tells me he wants to return it because it doesn’t work. I explain to him that it is physically damaged and we cannot take returns on damaged equipment. I show him the damage. He then says, “well how do you know it wasn’t damaged when you sold it to me?”. I pulled a brand new adapter out of a box and showed him the condition of it. He still doesn’t budge and says that we have terrible customer service and that I should take it back. I tell him that we can’t and then he pulls the “I am going to report you”. I take a copy of the paperwork and copy it to make sure I have a copy of it. He asks me why I am doing that and I tell him, “I need another copy so that I have it when you do whatever you are going to do”. He then grabs the ac adapter and the paperwork and leaves all the while stating that we haven’t heard the last of him. Isn’t it awesome to be in business? Has this ever happened to you?