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OfficeMax Black Friday Advertisement Issues


I tried purchasing a monitor from OfficeMax, but they won’t honor the deal on their website. They sent me an email about a special deal on a Dell 29 inch monitor U2913WM so I went to the website to purchase. The monitor was on the homepage in the large banner at the top so I click on it to purchase and that led me to a page saying it is out of stock. The deal was for 1 day on Sunday November 20th, 2016. The deal shows 5 hours left. I called the local OfficeMax and they are supposed to call me back to see what they can do after they talk to the district manager. I don’t understand why they are advertising something on their website that they cannot deliver. I have some screenshots to back up my claims. I can understand running out of something, but take it off your website and don’t advertise it on your homepage if you can’t deliver.

Update: They never called me back. Not good customer service. I ended up getting the same monitor from Amazon at the $199.99 price.

This is the item being advertised on the home page even though it is not in stock:

The actual item showing out of stock:

The email offer of the item showing time left for the deal even though it is not in stock:

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Office Almost Broken into


My office was almost broken into over the weekend. The burglars rammed the back door with a vehicle of some kind. The door held, but was destroyed in process. The door basically gave it’s life up, but held together. The alarm went off so it didn’t give the thieves enough time to finish the job. I have noticed that most thieves try to break in after midnight and usually early in the morning. In this case they broke in at 4:30 in the morning. The alarm went off which in turn brought out the security firm, and then the police showed up 2.5 hours after that. I understand that the policeman have more important things to do like attend to shootings and domestic violence. The policeman apologized because it took so long which I appreciated. The policeman said that because of the economy and because of the job losses that people are breaking and entering more often. I had an emergency company come out and reinforce the damaged door and board up the outside of the entrance. They charged me $800 for this which I thought was expensive. $216 per hour plus $35 dollar travel fees, plus some steel. They charge double time on Sundays. Now I have to get the door and frame replaced which will probably cost me another $1000. Have you ever had this happen to you?

I have no control over your shipping


A client orders an item on December 14th and it ships on the 15th of December. The client is located on the east coast and we are shipping from the west coast. We upgraded their shipping from standard shipping to priority shipping for free. The client calls me on the 23rd of December and says they didn’t receive it yet so I check the tracking on it. The tracking says it is on route from the sorting facility which is located on the west coast. There have been no updates to the tracking since the 15th. It would be nice if USPS would update a little more often. This would help them to have fewer phone calls and complaints. I called USPS and went through their phone system. I tried to get a live person and hit 00, but the recorded message basically said they don’t take customer service calls this time of year. 1-800-ASK-USPS is their number if anyone needs it. The client is upset because they needed it by Christmas and they want to know what I will do about it. I was extremely nice about it, but I don’t have any control over the shipping process. Sometimes shipping takes longer than expected this time of year. This happens almost every year. I requested that the customer be patient and I haven’t hard from him again. So we will see what happens. I will check tracking over the next few days and hopefully he will receive it. Has this ever happened to you?

Customer buys from store then goes shopping on the internet


A customer comes into the store and drops off his computer to be worked on because it is dead. We look at the computer and determine that the video card is toast and that the system has viruses/spyware on it. We call the customer and give him the diagnostic and he says go ahead and do the work and install a new video card. We get the work done and he picks it up and takes it home, but it doesn’t work on his dual monitor setup because it doesn’t have the right connections. The customer needs 2 DVI connections and the card in the system that we sold him only has one. He wonders what else we can get for him.

We call him back after researching video cards that will have the outputs that he needs. We call him back and tell him all about the video card and we quote him a price. He says that sounds good, go ahead and order it. We order the card.

The customer calls back within an hour and says that he found the card cheaper on the internet and wonders what we can do for him. The service manager comes and talks to me about it and I am a little bit ticked because we spent time and money on purchasing a new card for the customer. We tell the customer that we can pull the card and refund him the money. The customer then asks if he can get the install labor back and can we let him borrow the card until his new video card comes in. I lose my mind at this point, although I don’t let the customer know that. I tell him that we didn’t charge him labor to install the card, we only charged him labor to fix the viruses/spyware. We basically install the card for free because he is buying the card from us. We also tell him that he needs to bring the computer back today so that we can uninstall the video card. He isn’t happy with that, but agrees to bring in the computer. Within an hour or so he brings the computer back and we uninstall the video card and refund on the video card. We give him back his old video card that is dead. I would be willing to bet that he will try and get the old video card to work in his computer while he waits for his other video card to show up even though we told him it is dead. (which it is)

I can’t believe that people will tell you that they want you to special order something, then they go shopping for the same item. I wonder how I can take care of this in the future. I can have someone pay in advance for special orders. (This puts them out because they have to make a special trip to make the payment) Or, I can wait 24 hours knowing that they might change their minds. Or, I can tell them up front that special orders are final and they are no refunds. Any one of these options puts a burden on the customer. I can’t win mo matter what I do.

What do you think?

Dumpster Divers Leave Trash Outside The Dumpster


I work for a computer company and we have a dumpster out back of the office. We throw stuff away and put it inside the dumpster. People come by and rummage through the dumpster which I don’t mind, but they leave the trash outside the dumpster on the ground when they are finished. Why can’t they put the trash back into the dumpster when they are finished? I have to clean it up at least once per week. The other problem is that we throw stuff into the dumpster. One day there was actually someone in the dumpster and we almost clocked them in the head because we assumed there wasn’t anyone in there. It is almost to the point where I will have to put a lock on the dumpster so that I don’t have to clean up after the dumpster divers. Has this ever happened to you?