Daily Remarks

Bad day on a Cruise liner during a storm


Amazing video of a Cruise liner during a storm. I am surprised they don’t have the furniture attached to something in case this sort of thing happens. Take cover and hold on for dear life.

Babies, car seats and airplanes


While traveling on several planes the other day I noticed something. I noticed that there were several babies on the plane. The mothers and fathers were holding the babies to comfort them. There was some very heavy turbulence on the plane. I was wondering why the children weren’t in special protective child seats during the heavy turbulence. It seems to me that the children are in some danger in the sky as they are  in an automobile. If the baby did fall I am sure the parent’s would be the first to sue the airline. If we have laws for autos why don’t we have the same laws for airplanes? What do you think? Someone please explain to me how this works, thanks.