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OfficeMax Black Friday Advertisement Issues


I tried purchasing a monitor from OfficeMax, but they won’t honor the deal on their website. They sent me an email about a special deal on a Dell 29 inch monitor U2913WM so I went to the website to purchase. The monitor was on the homepage in the large banner at the top so I click on it to purchase and that led me to a page saying it is out of stock. The deal was for 1 day on Sunday November 20th, 2016. The deal shows 5 hours left. I called the local OfficeMax and they are supposed to call me back to see what they can do after they talk to the district manager. I don’t understand why they are advertising something on their website that they cannot deliver. I have some screenshots to back up my claims. I can understand running out of something, but take it off your website and don’t advertise it on your homepage if you can’t deliver.

Update: They never called me back. Not good customer service. I ended up getting the same monitor from Amazon at the $199.99 price.

This is the item being advertised on the home page even though it is not in stock:

The actual item showing out of stock:

The email offer of the item showing time left for the deal even though it is not in stock:

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