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Passing it Forward Good Deeds


I went to breakfast this morning and I had my usual. The waitress brought my check over and within 5 minutes she picked up the check. I asked her if I had the right check and she said she had to correct it. About 10 minutes goes by and she never brings me back a check. I ask her for the check and she says the guy sitting at a table behind me paid my bill. I didn’t know the guy or even remember seeing the guy when I came in. I asked the waitress who he was and all she remembered was that he had blonde hair and tattoos on his arms. This was a great start to my day. I will do the same for someone else and pass on this good deed.

As a side note, I was in my vehicle afterwards and on the radio they were talking about good deeds.

The 1st deed was a lady who bought diapers and formula for a lady who couldn’t afford it.

The 2nd good deed was a pilot who bought pizza for the stranded passengers.

See the article here: Pilot buys pizza for passengers.

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All I wanted was a haircut before work


I get up at 5:00 AM this morning and take a long walk. I go back home and get myself cleaned up. I then go and get my oil changed which took 1 1/2 hours. Took the jeep to the dealer because I have a maintenance program so the oil change is free. (I’m sure I paid for it when buying the jeep) Then I go to breakfast which only takes a half an hour.

I have an hour left before work and I decide to get a haircut, so I go to my usual place at 9:00 AM and they aren’t open. The time on the door says they open at 9:00 AM, but nobody is around. This is the 2nd time in a few months that I tried to get a haircut when they are supposed to open. I won’t be going back. I figure if you don’t care to be open when you say you will be open you must not need my business. I go to a 2nd salon at 9:00 AM, but there is already 6 people waiting for a haircut. The lady waiting before me turns around and runs into me. She apologizes and walks off. It’s my turn and I ask how long the wait is. The checkin lady says at least a half an hour, so I know I am toast and don’t have enough time to get a hair cut. So basically I wasted time running around. Sometimes you just can’t get your hair cut. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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Health Insurance Problems


I signed up for the healthcare.gov website and filled out the profile and picked a health insurance provider. This was a problematic process with the site having issues which I am sure you have heard about.

I picked Healthnet as my healthcare provider which has turned out to be a terrible mistake. I sent them a payment which cleared on April 15th. The check had my account number in the memo field. After the check cleared I received several automated calls requesting my payment from Healthnet. The automated call will not allow you to talk to a person which makes no sense so I had to call them. I researched their number and called them. Their number is 800-723-6977 if anyone needs it. Also, Healthnet.com’s website won’t allow you to check whether your payment has been received.

1. The first customer support person I talked to checked and couldn’t tell me if my payment had been received so they had to make a request to have it researched which would take 7 to 10 days. I figured this was an adequate answer so I left it alone. They were supposed to call me after the 7 to 10 days which they never did so I had to call them again.

2. The 2nd person I spoke with said my payment had been received so I thought it was taken care of. I then started receiving the automated calls saying that they hadn’t received my payment so I called them again.

3. On 5/15/2014 I called the 3rd person. That person couldn’t tell me if my payment had been received so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor couldn’t give me any immediate information so she said she had to have it researched and apologized and gave her direct line to follow up with her. She said she would call me back. I can’t believe that a payment can’t be looked up. It amazes me that a company this size has no way of looking up payments. I have a canceled check showing that they received my payment and it has cleared my account. I again started receiving automated calls for payment after a week so I called them again.

4. The 4th person I spoke with had no information on my payment, but she did file something called a grievance on my behalf which probably means nothing. She could see in the system that I had talked to the 3rd person.

5. I never received a call from the supervisor so I called her again on 6/5/2014 and left a message.

I came back to logon to Healthcare.gov and found out that they changed my password because of the Heartbleed security risk so I tried the forget password tool which was asking me for my parent’s anniversary which I didn’t use as a question to log on the site. I ended up having to call them and they reset my password which enabled to get me on. I asked if I could change my original health care provider. They said “no, you will need to get a new provider at open enrollment next year.” Healthcare.gov did provide me with the Arizona State Department phone number to lodge a complaint. The number for Arizona is 1-800-325-2548 if anyone needs the number.

I have wasted numerous hours on this whole process. Basically I am not sending in another payment until I get this resolved. I may have to wait until next year to pick another health insurance provider because I am not allowed to change until then. This whole process has been awful and now I have no insurance and have to wait until next year. My recommendation is to never use Healthnet. They can’t even find a payment how are they supposed to insure your health. Let me know if you have run into these problems. If anyone has a way to resolve this I would love to know.

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Parking Lot Rage


I am walking through a parking lot and a guy drives by really close, I am talking within 12 inches. I go over to the guy after he parks and tell him that he almost hit me and his response was that I shouldn’t be walking in the middle of the parking lot. I was walking on the side (this parking lot is really tight), not that that matters, the guy shouldn’t have driven that close to me or anyone for that matter, its dangerous. I was dumb founded by his response. The guy thought he was in the right in almost hitting me to make what I would assume was his point. All of these thoughts immediately go through my head, should I punch him in the face (that wouldn’t solve anything, but would make me feel better), I ended up walking away from the guy. Should I have called the police, or what should I have done? Has this ever happened to you?

They Finally Broke in


Well on my previous post the burglars tried to come through the back door and didn’t succeed. This time they came through the wall and managed to avoid the alarm system and steal 5 laptops. They knocked out my neighbors windows and came inside their store to get to the adjoining wall of my store. Then they kicked through the wall which has 3 layers of drywall, and when they broke through they had to kick through my display also. I had the alarm company come in and put more sensors in and now the alarm will go off if there is a pin drop on the office. So now I have to replace the back door and repair a whole in the wall and put in some steel in the wall to prevent further attempts. I have gates, alarm systems, bollards out front and out back, steal doors, cameras (we did catch him on camera, although he is wearing a hood ie and we can’t see his face) and they still managed to get in the store.