Daily Remarks

Returned Item


A customer comes in today to return a UPS (uninterruptable power supply). She waited until the very last day to return the item which is fine. You could plainly see that the box it came in was destroyed. We charged her the standard restock fee and she was upset because we are doing so. We explain that the box is destroyed and we will have to sell the item as used. She doesn’t understand, but accepts the restock. It’s funny cause her friend is standing right there saying that it is right for us to charge a restock for returned merchandise. The lady turns to her friend and glares at her so the friend becomes silent. It is nice for a change to have someone on our side that understands.  What are your thoughts on the matter? Should there be a restock or not if the packaging is destroyed and the person waits until the very last day to return the item?

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