Daily Remarks

Cox Cable Saga


I called COX cable to come out and setup some network wiring in my house for their internet service. I explained to COX cable that I needed 2 wall jacks in my house at opposite sides of the house. COX cable asked if I had an attic space and I do, so I said yes. They said they could do the job for $69.90.

Scheduled First Time
COX gave me 3 schedule times to setup the wiring and I picked the afternoon between 1:00 and 3:00. You have to give them a window and I can understand that that because their other jobs may run over. Well the time came for them to show up and they didn’t show up or call until 4:00 even though they were scheduled between 1:00 and 3:00. They called at 4:00 and said that they couldn’t do the job in the afternoon because it would be too hot in the attic. I asked why the phone person didn’t say that at the time I scheduled the appointment and she said that sales didn’t know about the heat problems in the middle of the day.

I tried to reschedule for the following day, but they said they didn’t have availability until after the 4th of July Holiday. So 4 days later was the earliest they could come out. I wasn’t happy about the reschedule, but things happen. COX came out on Wednesday at the scheduled time in the morning so the heat wasn’t too extreme in the attic for them to do the wiring. The technician from COX showed up at the house to do the wiring. I showed the tech around the house so that the tech could see what needed to be done. The tech then told me that he didn’t believe that COX did that kind of work. The tech stepped outside to call COX and spoke with them. The tech came back in the house and told me that COX couldn’t do the work and I would have to contact a wiring company. I was dumbfounded at that moment. I said ok and the tech left.

So to recap, I scheduled with COX cable twice, they were late on the first scheduled time. I explained the job to them twice on the phone and they understood what needed to be done. They sent a technician out and wouldn’t do the job. So basically they don’t communicate between departments and promise things that they don’t do. Awesome!