Daily Remarks

Should it matter who you sell your house to?


I was discussing with a seller the fact that they were selling their house. The seller was concerned that they had already accepted the offer without knowing all of the facts. The person that put in the offer on the house had their mother put in the offer on their behalf to hide the fact from the seller. The person that ultimately will take possession of the house has another house in the neighborhood and they rent out that house to college students that throw alot of parties. The rest of the neighborhood is upset about this. The seller is upset that they are selling to someone that will further decrease the value of the neighborhood if they rent it out to college students. I asked the seller if they received the offer that they needed on the house and they said yes. The seller is moving to another state and still feels morally obligated for the neighborhood. I don’t think that the neighborhood is the responsibility of the person selling the house. What are your thoughts?