Daily Remarks

They Finally Broke in


Well on my previous post the burglars tried to come through the back door and didn’t succeed. This time they came through the wall and managed to avoid the alarm system and steal 5 laptops. They knocked out my neighbors windows and came inside their store to get to the adjoining wall of my store. Then they kicked through the wall which has 3 layers of drywall, and when they broke through they had to kick through my display also. I had the alarm company come in and put more sensors in and now the alarm will go off if there is a pin drop on the office. So now I have to replace the back door and repair a whole in the wall and put in some steel in the wall to prevent further attempts. I have gates, alarm systems, bollards out front and out back, steal doors, cameras (we did catch him on camera, although he is wearing a hood ie and we can’t see his face) and they still managed to get in the store.

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